Why you need a Professional Resume

What is a Professional Resume

Every time you apply for a job, you will be asked to submit your resume. Recruiters closely evaluate the resume if the candidate’s skills are matching the job profile.

A resume is a document that lists down all the achievements of a person. A resume contains skills, qualification, certification, work experience, etc. One can have many accomplishments and certainly will be able to fill more than 4 pages with it. But, it will be rejected at once without even being read.

A perfect resume should not exceed more than one or one and a half pages.

Why do you need a Professional Resume:

Your resume should be at most 1 page long, not more than that. There are specific rules to follow a professional resume-

Passing the 10 Second rule: Recruiters don’t have much time to go through the whole resume. They don’t want to waste time reading the whole resume; they have exact details about the job profile they are looking for. And within the blink of an eye, they can find whether the skills match the profile or not. Therefore your resume should be able to pass the 10-second rule.

Passing Purpose Delivering: Once you create a resume, your resume should focus on the skills that match the job profile. So your resume gets more chances to get selected.

  • A professional resume attracts the recruiter to read it.
  • Your resume should be well crafted.
  • Your resume should contain a summary of your qualifications. Avoid using extra stuff like your subjects.

Format your resume: Format your resume to give all the necessary information at once to the recruiter.

Contact Information: Make sure that your resume always contains enough contact information so that the recruiter can connect with you.

Hobbies: Do not include hobbies that cannot relate to the job. Recruiters are not interested in knowing hobbies that cannot deal with the job profile.


A professional resume attracts the recruiter to go through the whole resume. Moreover, the above-recommended tips help you to make a professional resume.

Do not overload your resume with unnecessary stuff that is not all matching with the job profile.

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