Storytelling in CV sounds quite interesting. Before we come onto our topic let me tell you a fact about recruiters, Recruiters have less than 8 seconds to go through your CV. This also means that job seekers have to make their impressions within 8 seconds on the recruiter.

Why Storytelling and should you tell the story in a CV or not?

Storytelling has changed the way of writing a CV. Experienced job seekers have used it as a way of making their CV more effective and Eye-catching.

Recruiters also find the CV’s more readable in a story-based format as they find all the necessary information in one place. So, making your CV in storytelling format is a good choice.

Since recruiters are also humans and from the beginning of the time, every human enjoys the stories and these make the sense also. But obviously, you will have to create a story that tells about your experience and expresses that you have solved problems in the past.

Points to remember while creating a storytelling resume

  • The header of Your CV: The header of the CV should contain the information about yourself. You should use it to tell who you are. It should contain a summary of all your professional profile, certifications, qualifications. It is an excellent way of telling the story of who you are.
  • Bullets Points: Storytelling in CVs does make a change but there are some points that you still have to keep in mind while making your CV. Some of the basics like, It should be properly formatted, proper and relevant headings and points should be used.
  • Keep your stories concise: Recruiters prefer a CV that is formatted in bullet points. But, most of the time bullet points don’t exactly lend them to storytelling. The story should be concise when told in bullet points.
  • Your CV should be accomplishment driven: If your job activity cannot be portrayed as an accomplishment. so, it is not worth to be mention in your CV. Thus your CV should have accomplishments rather than duties and responsibilities.


All being humans storytelling in CV is a good choice. But make sure that your story in CV is compatible with ATS systems, as many of the recruiters use ATS systems to shortlists the candidates. Another thing to keep a note of is Your storytelling should be concise and should be focused on you with your achievements and skills that you have acquired.