Ways to tackle ATS Complaint

More than 75% of the resumes are rejected before a human, or the recruiter reads them. Don’t you think that you should know everything about ATS? What is it? Why do recruiters use it?

So, let’s dive into the article and know what ATS is and how to get rid of ATS while creating a resume.

What is Applicant Tracking System?

ATS stands for Applicant Tracking System. It is a software that helps recruiters and automates the process of shortlisting. It ranks the resumes by scanning and parsing the resumes. This process is completely automated and ranks the shortlisted resumes.

What Does ATS do?

ATS software that performs the role of a security guard. The software categorizes the resumes and then scans it for the specific keywords. It examines the keywords and determines whether the resume should be shortlisted or not. Its work is to separate the resumes based on the parameters that were set by the recruiter.

How does ATS System Works?

Various ATS systems work on multiple parameters. Suppose I want to hire an accountant and want to hire a salesperson. In that case, we both have different specifications and different hiring criteria, so we can choose a suitable system to do the job.

Keywords: It can work on the Keyword parameter like your article should contain a certain number of keywords to pass through the system.

Work Experience: By work experience, I mean if a company wants a candidate that has a minimum of 3 years of experience, and your work experience was written less than three years. So, your resume will be rejected at that point.

Qualification: If the criteria were to select a candidate who has scored at least 80% in Intermediate and 75% in graduation. If the candidates fail to manage the %, then the resume is rejected.

How to make an ATS friendly resume?

A fully Applicant Tracking System friendly resume cannot be made. This statement is you never know what recruiter wants and what is set on the system. But there are certain things that you can control.

1. The primary step is to choose an ATS friendly resume for yourself.

2. Use ATS readable font style and font size.

3. Categorize your resume in an understandable format.

4. Use more of the keywords that can be used in Applicant Tracking System.

5. Choose the best matching skills for the job profile.

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