Adding a reference to your resume is always a debatable topic. It has been observed that candidates have been focusing on adding references. But the fact is the majority of recruiters prefer that you should not add a list of references in your resume. Let us see what can be done to make your resume effective and compatible with recruiter reading preference.

Should We add Reference in Resume?

Yes, reference should be added to resume but this does not mean that you start writing a list of references in your resumes. This is because HR’s or the recruiters doesn’t have time to go through every candidate’s list of references. So, it is recommended that only relevant and those references should be added which can make your resume more worthy. Try not to flood your resume with references.

What are the references in the Resume?

Reference in your resume is the peoples which are known as referees. These referees are the ones who testify about your presence, character, abilities, and skills towards the institution. The recruiter might ask the referees to write some information about you. So, writing unnecessary information about referees or writing fake referees may result in a permanent ban of sitting to the recruitment process.

You have to very careful while writing down the references in your resume.

What is the correct way of writing a resume?

The correct way of writing a resume is most important, a resume is your first impression on the recruiter.

But other than being the first impression there is something in between you and the recruiter, That is the Applicant Tracking system. Recruiters before actually reading the resumes use ATS systems to shortlist the resumes.

So, your resume should pass the ATS systems and then should be recruiter friendly.

Let us see what can be done to make the resume perfect.

Keeping Short: The main thing and the only thing that can shine a light on your resume is keeping it short. The recommended length of a resume is 1-2 pages.

Formatting Resume: Your resume should be formatted in such a way that it describes your achievements and the skills that you have.

Maintain Bullets and Headings: When your resume has headings it becomes easy for the recruiter to know what are your skills and with the help of bullet points it becomes easier to read them.

Stating References and Hobbies: Your resume should include references and Hobbies that are relevant to the job.


References should be included but only those references should be added which are relevant to the job profile.