You must review all career documents and notify us of any needed corrections within 30 days of the date draft copy was e-mailed to you. If you wish to make revisions thereafter, you will be charged at a rate the professional rate.


Once you have paid for your services then there will be no refunds. Also, you have agreed the term and condition before make the payment. You acknowledge that our time spent reviewing initial documents, and/or preparing for and conducting client interviews, and/or communicating with you, and/or preparing resumes and other documents, and/or providing all other products and services, is compensate. Once deliver the resume then no refund at all.

We do, however, guarantee that you will get interviews with your résumé if used correctly. Should you feel that your résumé is not effective in the marketplace, we will together review the résumé and your documentation of submissions to appropriate employers. Then, we will rewrite the résumé, if necessary.