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Resume Writing Tips

A resume is a documented summary created by a person to represent his skills, background, accomplishments. Resumes can be used for a variety of purposes but, the most common use of a resume is to seek jobs.
Every graduate, undergraduate has a resume nowadays. But are they up to the mark? Let us find out.

An interactive resume should contain the following

  1. Short and Crisp– Keep your resume up to a single page.
  2. Infuse pointers: – Do use bullet points and make sure that they go under proper heading and subheadings.
  3. Not more than 2 fonts: – Make sure that your resume does not use more than 2 fonts. And try to avoid using handwriting fonts.
  4. Highlight Your Most Relevant Experience: You should make sure that your resume should only contain the skills and experience that are necessary for the job profile. Filling unnecessary and irrelevant information may result in rejection.
  5. Critical Information: –Make sure that there is enough information like Mobile Number, Email address, or Home address so that the recruiter can reach you out.
  6. No Job Description keywords stuffing: Do Not use the exact words or sentences in your resume that the company’s job description asked. For example, if It asks for rapid learner then, your resume should not use “I am a rapid learner”. Instead of using similar sentences, you can use a statement that satisfies it. Such as you can list how you developed your android application within 2 weeks. This generally makes it more relevant.
  7. Soft Skill: – Include Your Soft skills that can make a huge impact on the recruiter but avoid including common or obvious skills.
  8. Try avoiding “Hobbies” that does not make any sense. HR is not interested in knowing whether you love to play football or play cricket unless it is related to the job.
  9. Tell the truth: Always remember that HR’s are very good at catching lies so it is better to move ahead with bitter truth than sweet lie.
  10. Crisp and to the point: -Avoid using clichés, grammatical errors, technical words.
  11. Make sure to do proofreading before Finalizing the resume. You may be very good at English but at last, we all are human beings, and making errors is our tendency.
  12. No Negative Phrases: – Avoid Negative phrases as you have never worked as a leader, you become aggressive when the sales go down, or you lose your temper easily.
  13. Showcase your creativity: – Try making your CV Creative. Do not waste your time in designing the CV, it is better to start making the resume by using different templates.

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