Free Resume Analysis tips
Free Resume Analysis tips

Writing a resume requires keeping in mind several points, like using suitable keywords, making the matter fluent, highlighting your strengths, an appealing format, etc. But it is essential to conduct a deep analysis of the resume to fine-tune it. Improving its quality should be the next priority after you complete writing a resume. You may discuss the details with your close friends for gathering opinions. But more importantly, you should do a scrutiny of the resume and upgrade it, adding value. There are some salient points that you must note while analyzing the quality of a resume, as mentioned under the following sub-heads.

First impression

  • Focus on making the resume original.
  • Don’t base it on a common template.
  • The resume should be inviting for the recruiter.
  • It must not resemble a mediocre typing output.
  • The overall length of the resume should be compatible with your career level.

Analysis of appearance

  • You must make the resume visually pleasing.
  • The selection of the fonts should be appropriate.
  • Design elements like bullet points, bold letters, etc. should be used suitably.
  • Check the margins are even on every side.
  • You should also keep a tab on the consistency of the fonts, spacing and design.

Different resume sections

  • You should make it a priority to clearly label all resume sections.
  • Never forget to place the various sections in the best order, highlighting your stronger credentials.
  • Your work history list should be in a reverse chronological order. It means your current or more recent job should be mentioned first.

List of accomplishments

  • Include a precise and solid listing of your accomplishments in the resume.
  • You should never miss quantifying accomplishments with numbers and percentages. It adds value to your credibility.
  • Begin accomplishment statements with appealing action verbs.
  • Be careful to separate your accomplishments from your job responsibilities.

Measuring the relevance

  • You should always fine-tune the resume to make its content relevant to the hiring managers. Read and re-read the job advertisement while preparing and analyzing your resume.
  • Your resume content must always provide a robust support to your career summary, including key positions held in the past.
  • While analyzing, keep in mind to include appropriate buzzwords and relevant industry acronyms in the resume.
  • Don’t include affiliation details and facts like marital status, age, etc.

The writing style

  • Avoid writing your resume in a typically implied first-person voice.
  • The content flow should not create hurdles in fluent reading. It should be easy to understand.
  • At all costs, avoid careless typos, misspellings, and grammatical mistakes.
  • Analyze and re-check the format of the resume.

Deep analysis brings success

Always set aside time to deeply analyze each and every section of your resume. A thorough analysis usually reveals some glaring mistakes that you would have otherwise overlooked. Rectify the mistakes and tune both the content and the structure of the resume. Be confident of success.

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